Comment on Trading from the charts - Pi

Manish Astral commented on 19 Aug 2015, 12:05 PM

Please provide a facility for OCO ( One Cancles the Other ) type of order mainly for SL-M and Sell limit orders after a position is on. Right now BO orders does all that but it has a LIMIT entry order which is not good if someone wants to trade in the direction of the market. Even if the BO entry order can have an option for SL-M it would really be awesome. Kindly look into this, cause right now if somehow i forgot to cancel the other pending order ( the SL-M order for example ) then a new position gets initiated unintentionally. I can understand the problem with GTC orders as its the exchanges norms not to keep order pending overnight. But OCO type of orders are needed badly. And as always thanks a lot for providing this wonderful trading platform, or rather thanks for providing a full fledged trading environment. Keep up the good work.

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