Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Ashish commented on 25 Dec 2013, 02:54 PM


Thanks for your response. With all respect to your viewpoints, would like to post my views reg. advisory services.

1) You are true, one is not going to learn much from following advices. But for an individual with 10hr job and other responsibilities at hand, i feel it is difficult to learn the tech analysis from scratch, build a strategy, back test, execute, rectify etc. Easiest way is to follow experts like you who have spent enough time in building a strategy.

2) Thanks, will give a thought.

3) True, all the subscribers need to know the risks associated by following a strategy. If in long term, a strategy is going to make money, subscribers should be upfront told that a minimum time frame of 6 or 9 months needs to be kept. So that subscribers who are looking for short term gains are weeded out. As you said you learned through experience, I hope even subscribers would learn with experience.

4) Agreed, for successful traders like you, making money from advisory services is equivalent to peanuts:)….But i feel real satisfaction comes from the gratitude, thankfulness and wishes from your subscribers and the feeling that you are helping many people make money for their livelihood…it is a ‘win-win’ situation and has a moral dimension to it..

5) Agreed, it effects ones psychology. But if subscribers are upfront told about the risks, i think it can be handled.

Ultimately, it is one own decision to provide advisory services and from your post it seems you are not for it.

Thanks and wish u the best and keep winning!!!!

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