Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Madan commented on 24 Dec 2013, 11:57 PM


Whenever i meet traders in small meetups here in Bangalore, i always make sure i don’t talk about any indicator, idea or strategy. I always talk about money management, psychology, war stories, emotions involved inside and outside trading. And i am not gonna change it here.

You will not see a post from me depicting charts on what i do. And that is one reason i don’t have a blog or twitter page (posting calls).

Pawan: Thanks for pitching in. I exactly know what you mean. I resonate your thoughts for other reasons.

Vincent – Please don’t take this in wrong sense. You asked a sensible question and my answer is ‘ i am not gonna show any chart or anything of that sort. Not that its a secret, it just saves me some time on explaining it .”

There are very few people who ask questions outside of idea/strategy/indicators/parameters and nothing wrong about it..I was like that..but, a trader would eventually come out of it and understand(hopefully) that this ‘game’ is much beyond those mathematical models/indicators.

Hope it helps.

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