Comment on Zerodha F&O margin Calculator

Ranjan commented on 17 Aug 2015, 08:14 PM

Thanks Nithin. I will definitely go through the link provided by you. I just wanted to highlight that ICICI have two types of margin system 1. SPAN and 2. Non-Span. For a customer who is mapped to SPAN, total margin blocked is same as Zerodha but for the customer who is mapped to Non-SPAN it’s slightly less. I am not sure if there is any catch here. e.g I could buy 1 lot of LT 27 Aug futures with Rs. 24,800 as margin under the non-SPAN system. Had I been mapped to SPAN, I would have needed around Rs. 27,500 (for the same price of futures contract) , which is the same as needed by Zerodha…so not of a much difference. I have asked them to explain the difference and await their reply. Appreciate your efforts and time to reply directly. Have read about you on many platforms and your journey has been inspirational. Regards-Ranjan.

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