Comment on Option Strategy - Zerodha Trader

Nithin Kamath commented on 15 Aug 2015, 10:52 AM

1. All options on India are now European. So they can be exercised only on expiry day.
2. Ah.. looks like you are very new. Okay, so exercising options in India has no meaning as all contracts are cash settled. Let me explain, if you buy Nifty 8500 puts at Rs 100 on say Aug 1st, you can sell it immediately, next day or any day till the expiry day of the contract. On the expiry day, if you don’t do anything, if Nifty closes below 8500 your puts get exercised automatically. If it closes above, it gets expired worthless. So you don’t have to do anything to exercise. If nifty closes at 8450, 8500 puts get exercised and u get Rs 50 for those puts. Do check out and the option module.
3. This is not in the Indian context. In India, like I said, everything is cash settled.
4. hmmm.. ur question doesn’t really make much sense. Advise you to go through Varsity. Start at the futures module.


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