Comment on Zerodha F&O margin Calculator

Ranjan commented on 15 Aug 2015, 02:37 AM

I am not very clear about the margin needed for F&O trading on Zerodha. For example, if i refer your SPAN calculator for say LT-27-Aug-15,I note that Rs. 34,912 is needed to place a NRML order. Now if i refer the link, Rs. 27,589 is needed. In the former case it works out to be 15% of the contract value and the latter case it’s 12%. This appears higher than what other brokers e.g ICICI Sec need. In fact I have known them to need 10-12% of the contract value for most of the nifty 50 bluechip names like ICICI, SBI, LT, HDFC Bank etc. Request you to first clear the ambiguity on the SPAN calculator and the link i provided above. Secondly, please correct me if I am wrong on saying that the said brokers require less margin.

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