Comment on Intraday stock trader par excellence

Nithin Kamath commented on 09 Aug 2015, 11:10 AM

1. Bracket order technically is like an algo as the SL prices move automatically. Hence the client has to initiate it on their own as per exchange requirement.
2. If you put a target on cover, it becomes like a bracket order. But yes, get your point.
3. We are not allowed by exchange rules to take orders via sms. There have been issues where certain brokers executed this via SMS, and clients came back saying they never sent the SMS, someone else did.
4. Have you looked at Kite, our in-house web app. We will soon have BO/CO on this. Check
5. When you trade BO/CO, there is a compulsory stoploss that has to be placed. This reduces the risk of the trade, and hence the margin required is lower than normal MIS trades.

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