Comment on Intraday stock trader par excellence

Raju commented on 08 Aug 2015, 11:26 PM

It is really sad that despite lot of revolutionary measures – Zerodha has NOT done these important things:

1). One can not call-and-trade Bracket orders 🙁 what a pity! If I have taken a trade using BO facility – I just can not go away from my system!! As call-and-trade is not allowed here yet…………..when will it be done Nithin????

2). Similarly in Cover Order – one can not have a target!!! One can just put the SL. Why???

3). One more important point is that many a times one would like Zerodha’s team to trade on sms provided by the customers…………I think here lies a huge potential in personalized service accounts where Zerodha can charge extra for such clients who would like their orders get executed by Zerodha-team by sms-and-trade just like call-and-trade. Similarly messengers can be used for personalised trading.

4). Smartphone trading still does not allow BO/CO facilities – what is the use???

5). Why can’t MIS margins be kept the same as BO/CO Margins??

Zerodha has still a long way to go and I can only hope that it implements above features asap

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