Comment on Account Opening Documentation & Charges

Vijay commented on 02 Aug 2015, 11:34 PM

Hi Team,

I’m quite impressed with your handling the issues. I’m residing in Chennai & I’m interested in opening an a/c with you primarily for trading in Equities (Delivery) which may be expanded to F&O, Commodities in future.

Presently I’m holding a Demat a/c in ICICI hence I want to have a trading account with Zerodha with the deliveries made to existing Demat a/c.

In this scenario:

1) Can I freely trade (both buy & sell) using the ICICI Demat & Zerodha trading a/c?

2) Do I need to have sufficient balance in my a/c for trading or there’s margin/leverage available?

3) Is it possible to meet someone in Chennai to discuss about any queries/issues?

4) Will there be any difference in cost if I opt for F&O, Commodities, Demat along with Equities (Delivery) now as against opting for these later?

5) When I place an order for certain number of shares (say 1000 shares of ITC) and if they get executed as multiple trades (say 5 trades for executing these 1000 shares), then would I be charged Rs.20 for this order or more (Rs.100 assuming the case above of 5 trades to execute the requested number)?


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