Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

Varun Agarwal commented on 29 Jul 2015, 01:56 PM

Hi Nitin

First thanks a ton for Varsity and PI. My learning has been tremendous and on going.

Below are few suggestions:

01. Continous Intraday chart from previous day for minute intraday. Right 1 day intraday chart starts with only present data and Moving Averages (9×21) are blank until 9 or 21 sessions are done. IN nest it is continuous chart and so is the EMA.
02. Multiple Market Watch
03. Please introduce DEMA, EMA for Volume (such that it overlaps volume)
04. Zoom needs more features such as show recent candles etc similar to Nest. I have challenge when i am completely zoomed out and would like to jump to recent movement.
05. Update notice as it comes in Internet Download Manager with a small popup with small summary of changes. Sometimes when updates are released end users may be unaware until manually checked as well as what changes have been done.

In case something is already present in PI from my list, please show way how it can be done for i may certainly be missing something.

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