Comment on Updates - June 2015

Nalini commented on 28 Jul 2015, 09:21 PM

Hello Nithin,

Firstly a big thank you for this fantastic app KITE. To be frank, as soon as I got my trading account with Zerodha and was asked to open to start trading, I have to admit I was utterly disappointed to see the layout and the presentation of it. I regretted getting excited for selecting Zerodha. Later, when I explored Pi and now KITE, I am sure I made a right decision. As a software professional, I badly needed a portal like KITE to continue my trades when I office, though minimal. Trade.Zerodha was a nightmare for me, coz of all the java requirements/blockages and Z3 doent work at all. So all in a a happy customer. I surely will pass on my feedback to my colleagues. Please continue your good work. Cheers..

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