Comment on Zerodha - your tax aide while you trade

vasudev commented on 27 Jul 2015, 05:41 PM

my profile is trader + investor. possess trading losses/income from speculative, non-speculative, short term CG and long term CG.

My understanding is that while filing ITR4 , i can still show my long term holdings as investments while the rest bundled under business income instead of CG.
when I analyse my transactions ( all equity delivery ) for the last FY 14-15, the net is loss 6 L which is +4 + -8 + -2.

“i made profit of 4 L ( which contains stocks bought > & 1Y) = 8L, short term capital loss( buying date < 1 y) = 2 L. this is excluding the whole year's brokerage charges etc." Q1. fy 14-15 : I just want to know whether i do it right while filing ITR 4 , i do not have to segregate the losses & profits originating from short term /long term trades. i will show 6L as business loss so that I can set off against my profit 13L in Fy 15-16. i keep my LT stock holdings for LT CG. Q2. FY 15-16. Advance Tax. think that my net business income till 14 sept15 is 13L. when I pay advance tax, should i take 30% of 13L or (13-6) L ? TIA

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