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Amarjeet Singh commented on 24 Jul 2015, 12:01 PM

Thank you ZERODHA for pi and many more things. And just now I updated pi with addition of many important features. THANKS A LOT!!!
Although pi is a great software and by applying the following updates it can become greatest for me.
(I am sure you are already working on it but to emphasize my need for them, I am giving you a list of more desired pi terminal features)
I am putting importance of the points by denoting with A, B, C, and optional where A is the most import and very much desired and Optional is not important at;adulkj
1. Default currency should be USDINR. (A)
2. Commodity charts should have hourly and daily charts etc. (A)
3. Default indicators should always be automatically present in any chart opened. (A)
4. There should at least be 5 watchlists allowed. One watchlist although does the job but wastes a lot of time when other scrip charts are needed.(B)
5. During login there should be option for quick login without downloading scrips. (A)
6. Single chart should be able to interchange between daily, hourly or minute chart bars/Candles by RIGHT CLICKING ON THE CHART. (A)
7. The chart should have options for bars of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 4 hours, weekly and monthly apart from daily, hourly and minutely charts. (I saw in the new update just now that you have already included options for different minutes–big THANKS for that and now work on weekly and monthly charts please
and I am sure that you are already working on this) (A)
8. Chart loading time are sometimes too long. Chart should load seamlessly. (A)
9. There should be a built in TV screen in the pi software (Is that too much to ask for? I think it is too much and don’t mind this suggestion) Very optional feature
10. There should be list of companies that are announcing results etc. today or tomorrow. (Optional not improtant feature)
11. The sensex and nifty tape should be customizable to show sensex/nifty or anything a trader desires to have on top of screen all the time. (C)
12. In many charts I don’t know why the beginning bars of MacD Histogram indicator bars are too long only in the beginning of the histogram.when we zoom out any timeframe chart. (See attached Chart) (B)
13. The space provided for indicators is too small vertically. I always have to drag the upper boundary to make it more visible. Thank you ZERODHA for pi and many more things. And just now I updated pi with addition of many important features. THANKS A LOT!!!
I hope you will take my list constructively and work on the features listed above and make pi a wonder for me.


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