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shailesh commented on 05 Dec 2013, 12:00 PM

Does not following quote from your article suggest otherwise?
“The issue with entering a calendar spread in 2 different orders like above is that (a) There is a risk that the price moves between placing both the orders (b) you would have to pay brokerage for 2 orders to enter and 2 to exit (not that we would mind). By using the SP order type in the spread order window, all the above 2 issues get fixed.”

I have used 2L/3L orders for option trading. Only rs: 20/- was charged for all the three legs of the order. My question and concern was that last time it did not allow me to use combination of banknifty *AND* nifty options in the same order. it gave me error like :
28Nov2013,10:02:34 — NFO ORDER: 3L ReportType:reject Status:rejected Rejection Reason: 16416 : Invalid combination of MF/AON/Disclosed Volume NESTOrderNo:131128000009876 IOC for ****** by ****** ExchangeOrderNo: 2013112826325881 FIRST LEG OF 3L ORDER : BUY Total QTY:25 Open QTY:25 Filled QTY:0 of BANKNIFTY13NOV10400PE at 0.00 ExchangeOrderNo: 2013112826325881 SECOND LEG OF 3L ORDER : BUY Total QTY:50 Open QTY:50 Filled QTY:0 of NIFTY13NOV6050PE at 0.00 ExchangeOrderNo: 2013112826325881 THIRD LEG OF 3L ORDER : SELL Total QTY:50 Open QTY:50 Filled QTY:0 of NIFTY13NOV6150PE at 0.00

For security reasons, I have replaced my user ID with ****
Invalid combination of MF/AON/Disclosed Volume ……..
so where do I specify Minimum Fill (MF), All or None (AON) or disclosed quantity during 2L/3L order entry? or what is default values for this attributes in 2L/3L order orders in Zerodha traders software?

and again, my original question: is there any requirement that script must be same or somehow related for different legs of the order?

I am following up through emails with your help-desk / customer service but I, am afraid, am not getting convincing and satisfactory answers.. 🙁


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