Comment on ETF - Exchange Traded Funds

Raja Roy commented on 04 Dec 2013, 12:52 PM

I am new to these things. I want to
1. buy and sell shares. buy low sell high. say I buy 10 shares of ONGC at 250 and after 3 month sell it at 300 making a profit of 50*10= 500. how much brokerage will be charged by you in total transaction?
2. Buy mutual fund through SIP , say I will sip an amount of 1000 for buying icici discovery mutual fund. how much brokerage will be charged. If I sell mutual fund how much brokerage will be charged by yo?
3. Can I buy bonds? Say I want to buy HUDCO tax free bonds worth 8000 then how much will be charged by you.
4. Can I open and operate my account online from any computer or do I need a specific software for that?

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