Comment on ZT-View Positions using Admin positions

Sajeev commented on 29 Nov 2013, 03:38 PM

Hi Team,

This pertains to an issue which I noticed while trading today (29 Nov 13) and which had occurred earlier also. I had bought a Nifty 6100 straddle (CE was around 159 and PE was around 111) yesterday. Till 3 pm the buy average prices were reflecting correctly in admin window of Zerodha trader but after 3 pm it started reflecting a bizarre Buy Average Price of 6091.85 for both call and put and showed the entire straddle position as a massive loss while it was still in profit. The rate of 6091.85 was the closing rate of the Nifty yesterday and I am not sure why that price was reflecting as my buy price for both options. I have sent a screenshot across.

Please advise what can be done to correct it or please rectify the same since it creates problems while trading.

Thanks and warm regards,

J Sajeev

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