Comment on Lot sizes reduced for various NSE F&O Contracts

Shashi Karkhanis commented on 13 Jul 2015, 10:26 PM

Hi Nithin,

How have you been ? It’s been long since I wrote to you. Finally me and my partner have moved on from SK to Zerodha in this Month of July 2015. You concept have been able to capture our Minds recently after giving 2-3 months of Thought process. We transferred our Personal accounts & now in process of Shifting our Co-operate account also to you Guys.

I have come across a interesting column by Sebi. Does it impact the overall Brokerage in Zerodha ? Please check this Link:

Sebi is out to completely DUMP the Retail guys from F&O trades, but does it impact HNI’s also ? What’s the view of Zerodha on this ?

Thanks & Regards,
Shashi Karkhanis

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