Comment on Introduction - Pi

foenicxxx commented on 12 Jul 2015, 12:12 AM

Wishes to all.

Yesterday was the first day I started getting accustomed with PI (downloaded yesterday only, not yet started using for Trading). I am surprised and happy to have such a wonderful and worthy software. Really appreciable work (In particular, the Quotes by the Great Market Gurus’ in the opening).

I wish to have few things with PI to fine-tune the Trading experience:

1. Custom colorization of the Indicators and Chart Tools.

2. Different Time-frames in Single Chart download (I had to download three times i.e. for 1 Min chart-Bar [email protected],
5 Min chart-Bar [email protected] and 15 Min chart-Bar [email protected] for a single scrip that too in three tabs)

3. Linking the Market Watch Scrips to some Excel Sheet (RTD Feature). Very much needed one.

4. UNDO for drawing over the charts.


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