Comment on Updates - June 2015

Parijnan commented on 11 Jul 2015, 12:25 PM

Zerodha rocks.. Moved from another broker to Zerodha and I’m amazed by the complete eco-system offered by Zerodha. I understood derivatives only after going through Varsity and am eagerly looking forward to the pyschlogy, risk management and strategies section.

Great job Nitin and team. Your passion to be the best broker in India gives us small investors great confidence. Waiting for you guys to add mutual funds and then I can forever be rid of my previous broker.

Another request I had was being able to see the OHLC values, volume and exact time in the Pi chart window as a tooltip for each candlestick. This feature exists in Z5, but would definitely like to see it in Pi. Or am I missing some setting here?

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