Comment on Updates - June 2015

VJ commented on 10 Jul 2015, 05:46 PM

Hi Nitin,

I had a look at Kite, it looks relay cool as of now. May be awesome gradually.

1) Order Books looks just awesome.
2)Notification – No comments, very Nice work.
3)Watch list – Buying and selling made very easy.

I had few suggestion.

1) Why don’t you show the total Investment in the Right side of the Kite.May be if it is like the Q dash Board.
2) Would it be possible to allow buy and sell from the Holdings section ? very handy if i want to accumulate some stock to my existing portfolio.
3)I think Much possibility of merging the holdings with back office instead it get open with new link.
4)Not sure If you Allow to Squre off from Position. If not Please provide a way.

A big thank you for the new tool, expecting more updates and being the best tool.


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