Comment on Zerodha-Fund withdrawal from Trading account

Venkat_V commented on 26 Nov 2013, 11:14 AM

Dear Nitin,

I have linked multiple bank A/c to my Zerodha trading A/c and i could transfer funds from any of these accounts at any time which is great feature and my compliments to you.

whereas when it comes for fund payout, i do not have a option to choose the bank which i want and instead get transferred to a default one which you categorize as primary bank. why such Limitation?

As a investor if i have a flexibility to transfer funds from multiple banks i think i must have the same facility while payout as well.

For example in present case i’m forced to do an inter bank transfer from Bank”A” to Bank”B”, when actually i need the fund at Bank”B”. Hope you got my point?

I sincerely request you to introduce the feature in your back office for payout request for the choice within the banks mapped. would you pls be considering this?

Also would you be considering possibility of fund transfer between Equity & Commodity A/c’s? (E.G if i have 1 Lac In my Equity as cash, can i able to transfer 50k to my equity A/c?)

Thanks in advance.


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