Comment on Trading from the charts - Pi

Nithin Kamath commented on 07 Jul 2015, 02:52 PM

Prashant, let me explain you why there is no correction is required.
The issue with starting at 9am is that market data starts only by 9.15am. So the 1st hour candle will actually be a 45 minute candle. So for the next 6 hours of trading, you are actually looking at a wrong 1 hour candle starting the day. Also the last candle of the day will again be only for 30 mins.
In the way we are doing it, the last candle of the day will be 15 mins, and all the other candles will be 1 hour. This is the correct way to do this, all other charting platforms come designed to use whole numbers as starting of the hour. But in India we start 9.15, so I guess what we are doing is a better way to plot 1 hour candles.

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