Comment on Charting - Pi

Alex commented on 05 Jul 2015, 06:59 PM

Used Pi Charts for trial and got these shortcomings that needs to be resolved for chart traders/ analyst:-

1. Invoking Crosshair should be from user settings and once invoked, must be available all time in all charts. Further, cross hair should be available all time with mouse hover (not on pressing left click) and x-y values needs to be displayed on right/ lower side panels on mouse panels.
2. When user applies some strategy i.e double ema crossover or any method on chart, it must always be applied on all charts by default instead of invoking a separate chart and applying the template again and again on every chart opening.
3. Time frame change i.e 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, or daily should be made available on right click instead of opening a separate chart for different time frame.
4. Chart maximize/ minimize option should be on double click of Chart tab in multiple chart environment.
5. When chart is zoomed in/ out, time drag of chart should be by slider also instead of only scroll bars which is very slow.
6. Study drawings should be available in all time frames of a any individual scrip.

Many more later. But these are frequently used tools and serves better option in charting tools. Ur good work is however appreciated in all ways.

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