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raakeshchavan commented on 19 Nov 2013, 03:50 AM

Dear Sir, I submitted my documents to your office on 28th October and my trading acct was opened on 29th October (DR1237) I was very happy with the speed shown by your staff. But my joy was shortlived. Ever since the trading acct was opened, till date (more than 21 days) I am following up for the DEMAT acct so that i can start trading. I am losing very good opportunities in the market because of the delay on the part of ZERODHA. The lady who was handling my acct, Mrs Mitali, is not responding to calls, sms. I got a mail from ILFS on 12th November stating that my demat acct is opened. Now even after 7 days the acct is not linked with trading acct. Can you please look into it. Is this the kind of service we have to expect from you in future? I am closing my ICICI acct and waiting to transfer all my holdings to ZERODHA. But I am having a second thought now. What is your time frame for such regular activities? Awaiting your answer

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