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Achintya Sett commented on 28 Jun 2015, 01:12 PM

Hi Nitin,

Many many good wishes for coming up with Zerodha.

Being an IT guy, I must thank you for founding such a technologically advanced brockerage firm which can cater to the young generation of traders/investors.

Z-connect, Varsity, Q, Quant, Pi all the products are so nicely designed and user-friendly that I love to do the trading myself instead of calling up to trade.
Thanks to Zerodha, I have learnt so many technical details in trading.
Awaiting eagerly for Kite! When you guys are planning to launch it?

I need your help on migrating a demat account to Zerodha.
Situation is like this:-

1> My father have a trading and demat account with HDFC.
2> I have my trading and demat account in Zerodha.
3> He wants to create a trading account in Zerodha, move his shares to my demat account and link his Zerdha trading account with my demat account.

Can you please guide me on how to proceed?
I believe if POA is provided, then sharing a demat account with two trading accounts is possible.

Thanks & Regards,
Achintya Sett

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