Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

ethicaldeal commented on 12 Nov 2013, 01:40 PM

Dear Zerodha

1. My question is that can I short a lot (or 3 or 4 lots) of NIFTY Futures ?
Means if on 12/11/2013, at 11:20 I buy 3 lots NIFTY futures for price = 100, then where should I look prior to buying to ensure I have enough SPAN and Exposure Margin Money ? Kindly tell me the exact place in NEST Trader.

2. If I initiate a SELL-Limit at price =100 (or is a stoploss -M see order better?) for 3 lots with product code MIS and then say till 3:10 I see that price is going up (say it is at 101) then I wish to keep it overnight and try to buy back tomorrow. In order to buy back tomorrow (or after 3-4 days) can I do a position conversion to NRML ? If yes (where can I do that?)

3. Tomorrow, if want to BUY back tomorrow, what are the steps ? Kindly tell the details ?

Are there any other special requirements or things I need to take care of a SHORT SELL kept overnight ?

Thanks in advance
Ethican Deal

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