Comment on Zerodha F&O margin Calculator

AYUSHSCZDH commented on 25 Jun 2015, 12:18 AM

Dear Nitin,

My Zerodha ID is DA0755. I need to know one thing whether zerodha can trade with client money without the client permission. As today on 24-06-2015 i came across a situation where cash balance shown in back office ( before the start of trading session on 24 -06-2015 was positive and same was also confirmed by the zerodha employee over the phone ( screen shot and telephone recording can be sent if required), limit shown on is negative (screen shot can be sent if required and because of wrong negative balance my two order could not be placed having far less value than the cash reserve shown in backoffice ) and by the end of the day around 0007 hrs (25-06-2015) my cash value was also different altogether (Screen shot can be sent if required).

I want to know how the limit can be negative without any order of client and by the end of the day cash value also changes.I also could not place the two order for the script which ultimately locked in the segment upper circuit.
I had full trust in Zerodha and infact advised others also to open the Zerodha Account. But after today incident i have serious about the integrity of the functioning of Zerodha.
Kindly provide some explanation. I have attached the screenshot for your reference also.

Picture 1 – Negative RMS limit shown in the order book status. Totally wrong.

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