Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

ethicaldeal commented on 07 Nov 2013, 04:36 AM

Dear Zerodha

I did not find a correct header under which this question can be put so I am putting it here, kindly clarify this doubt.

The Bid/Ask rate shown on NEST Trader are substantially higher than the rate shown on NSE 1 min chart.

For eg. Bid=6246.15, Ask = 6246.75 at 9:59AM on Zerodha NEST software but on NSE website (intraday NIFTY chart ) is showing 6212.45

Why is this difference and would this not lead one to buy at incorrect/higher prices ? Also, one cannot plan and pre-calculate strategies also because of this discrepancy.

Also, HIGH and LOW values shown on nest trader are 6268.70 and 6239.0 where the HIGH till 10:04 AM (Nov 7th 2013) is 6232.15 and Low is 6207.35.

Is there a problem in the system or my understanding ? Kindly clarify .

Also,my charting software is not working (Plus) whom do I need to contact to rectify?

Kindly assist.


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