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sonalchavan commented on 30 Oct 2013, 06:01 AM

Dear Sir, I am trading online since 1998 using ICICI DIRECT platform. I made profits but “””took home”” very less amount each time. I have contributed much to ICICI profitablity. I tried to switch over to ABM, got false promises which were never fulfilled.

After going thro’ you post, I do wish to migrate to ZERODHA, but have following queries:

1. Apart from your your brokerage, STT, STMAP DUTY, do u charge anything I mean ANYTHING extra? (for delivery/intraday?)

2. Do I have to maintain any minimum balance with you?

3. Do I have to deposit money immediately after opening account or after the DEMAT account is opened? How much minimum to start with?

4. Do U charge for each pay in and pay out? How much?

5. Do you ever face server issues on peak/panic selling days? how do you protect customers?

Thanks for your reply.


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