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Vimal commented on 15 Jun 2015, 04:27 PM

Thanks for your reply Nithin much appreciated

Lets take an example, user buys one lot each of NIFTY Futures on different occasions/dates and still holding the position of 75

– 8350 | Bought on June 1 | Lot size 25
– 8180 | Bought on June 2 | Lot size 25
– 8062 | Bought on June 5 | Lot size 25

*Back office shows the average buy price to be 8086 for this lot of 75 – which i am not sure if its correct.
* Where do one see this value? It shows up under the holding section once you login to BO and i was guided by the support team and assured that the average buy price of 8086 is correct — Is that so?

If I go by law of averages its not correct and I would be glad if you folks prove me wrong as I can cover my position at the earliest and make a profit

All I ask if for an assurance that the values shown on BO under my login is correct. Post that I will square my holding & exit with either a meager loss or book profits in a weeks times or so

I have shared snapshots, trading details — everything that is needed to sort this problem – provided it is one. More than happy to share more info if needed


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