Comment on Updates - June 2015

abhinav commented on 13 Jun 2015, 02:00 PM

i love trading with zerodha and i am
aggressive scalper in options
i need to get my books audited under 44 ad

my query is can zerodha along with its team
provide any software or format
where all the executed trades are reflected along
with the turnover specially in options
for ease of auditing and saving time

can zerodha provide traders
their books in a systematic format
as required for audit us. 44ad
for hassle free income tax return filing

traders willingly want can get their books
audited from any ca or CA by zerodha
if zerodha offers tax filing (in future)

i needed a format where i can show all trades
and reflect my turnover at the same time
for ease in return filing

hope zerodha can help out in this matter

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