Comment on HSBC shutting down Brokerage business

chintamani commented on 21 Oct 2013, 05:33 AM

A friction arises and benefits are taken by those who have those ideas which can benefit others.

When zerodha started the product line ,yes….people wanted it and the result is seen today.-GROWTH OF ZERODHA

.We remember the online broking initiated by indiabulls and compared to icici direct then…

Zerodha have given what people wanted and yes you are successful.And we are really thankful to you for the same.

The growth in the initial phase will be immense till the market in general ACCEPT the shift in product lines and assimilate itself along the same, then zerodha may find itself to grow not vertically but shifting the growth horizontally in less % yoy or qoq.

but you are gearing yourself for the same and is really appreciable.

Till the people ,persons,institutions learners ,traders ,investors and all of the classes you are dealing with “are in profit” ……..zerodha will grow.This profit of others may be in various ways like learning the skill of trading ,reduction in trading cost,technology,support etc

Anyway road till date was great but please focus on “simplicity” of “others benefit” which you have always done and you will be returned in geometrical proportion.

All The Best.

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