Comment on Zerodha - your tax aide while you trade

Gupta commented on 12 Jun 2015, 06:39 PM

hello nithin ,
i was looking at my zerodha back office platform for calculating my profit n loss where i saw a big mistake done by you guys. in order to calculate the profit n loss on tax basis as well as normal P&L you are taking buy n sell price of each scrip by averaging which is wrong, you are combining the delivery trade with intraday trades to calculate average buy n sell price in both tax n normal basis due to which my buying cost increases for the delivery based transaction

EG- if i bought X share in intraday for rs 102 and another x share for 100 for delivery based CNC then according to ur caculation the avg buy price is rs 101 but for calculating capital gains i have to take rs 100 only ..we cannot merge intraday with CNC ..and same is in the case of normal PL calculation done there u are calculating unrealized profit on the avg price basis .

One more important thing is that i dont have my dmat account with u guys so if i sell my shares from yes bank account then ur selling side amount will not be incorporated in that short term trades which will lead to inaccurate tax as well as profit calculation.
instead of this you people should have given trade wise profit n loss likewise turnover.

please reply important issue


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