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Indrneel Sircar commented on 09 Jun 2015, 05:24 PM

Trading from charts – 2 major chart issues have come up in just a couple of hours using your Pi trading platform.
1. For currency option strike prices that are of fractional value such as 64.25, 64.50, 64.75, etc. the chart window does not display any candle sticks, it shows volume at the the bottom panel.
For the currency option strike prices which are whole figures such as 63, 64, 65, etc. the chart is displaying perfectly.
2. The Create Scripted Alert does not have or allow to choose ‘NRML’ product type, though without this option trade is rejected by RMS for short selling Options.

Both these issues have been repeatedly raised by me over phone from Delhi. But in spite of long duration of repeated telecons, unable to get the issues sorted.

I think as many as 5 tickets have been raised. However, very conveniently 2 of the tickets have already been closed by your tech/ support dept. under the pretext that the chart display issue resolved, will be updated in the next version . Now, that means you expect me to hold on to my chart based trading till your next version for which no timeline has been suggested.

On the second issue I am yet to be replied / the issue is yet to be resolved.

Strangely, I am surprised. I was of the belief that you guys are the most tech-savy amongst the Indian Brokers (and, I have used quite a few since so many years). Pi promises to be good, but what I wonder is how come such simple trivial issued were overlooked what with such hardy endeavour by your tech team and after such a huge list of beta testers (I presume some 8000+) having cross-checked the same for so many months, if not year.

Hopefully, you will excuse my comment and sort the issue out at the earliest. I am an old client of yours. Then I was drawn towards your co. for the brokerage and now I was attracted and excited to see your new Pi platform.

Indrneel Sircar

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