Comment on Query of the Day

Nithin Kamath commented on 13 Oct 2013, 12:49 PM

1. About margins, read this blog.
2. When you short sell options, premium gets credited to your account but a margin is blocked for short selling. So yes, you can use the premium for other positions, but the margin blocked for writing options will be almost like future margins, you can use our SPAN calculator to know the exact amounts.
3. For orders, read this blog.
4. IOC also explained in above blog.
5. Yes you can sell shares before it comes to your demat, read this blog for that.
6. No demat required for trading f&o
7. If it is bought by your amount and using product type as CNC, it will transfer to demat automatically, if you have bought this as product type MIS, gets squared off at 3.20pm.
8. Backoffice is already linked, at the end of everyday all your trades get updated there.


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