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nisha3 commented on 13 Oct 2013, 09:53 AM

what is span margin , exposure margin and total margin ?? explain with example ..
if i had amount of 25000 in my trading account .if i short sell 4 lots of nifty call 6000 @100 . so amount will be debited in my account . means total amount increased . so can i use that amount for intraday trading or for carry any other night postion till i sqaure of that short sell position means till i buy 4 lots of 6000 call before expiry????.
how can place positonal orders or overnight order???
what is IOC ??
as it takes 2 days for shares to transfer in demat account.. so can sell shares befor it transfer to demat account?? how??
and demat account required or dnt require for trading overnight position in f and o??
if i buy some shares of amount i had and place a sell order during intrady trading but if the price doesnt reach to that sell prize which i had decide . so will the shares transfer to demat account automatically?? or it will square of at 3;30?? (bought by my own amount means amount i have.).
how to link up backoffice with trading platform??

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