Comment on Taxation Simplified

SmartTrader commented on 13 Oct 2013, 04:24 AM

@ zerodha,

1) In your equity reports (back office) for intraday the net receivables and net payable are not settlement profit and loss, they are value of buy and sell. That way if we add the net payable + net receivable the turnover is huge. But in the taxation blog you have always said that turnover means settlement profit + settlement loss, please explain how to get the settlement profit and settlement loss for intraday equity? In commodity MCX and currency I do get the settlement profit + settlement loss as net receivable + net payable but not in Equity report, so kindly clarify

2) Does TOTAL TURNOVER mean settlement profit + settlement loss of (a) eq intraday + (b) short term trading + (c) fno + (d) currency + (e) commodity Or, eq intraday is to be excluded

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