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civils.aditya commented on 08 Jun 2015, 01:41 PM

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding Intraday trading futures (MIS) with ZT. Will start with an example:
If I’m trading NIFTY which has initial price as 8110. I can see its falling and I want to do scalping. So, I short sell 40 lots (lot size 25), which means 1000 shares, Market order. Now:
1) I see that price moved down by 4 points and I want to square off the position, how should I do it? Do I have to place a new buy order? Please explain in detail.
2) If I see that share moved against me by 1 point, I want to square off as I’m manually tracking, How can I do it?
3) Just after 20 seconds of squaring off, I see that there is again a good movement and I want to enter the tide, can I do it? What should be the time difference in squaring off the trade and rentering? Please explain in detail.

Please assume here that I have 3,00,000 in my trading account which is just enough to get me a 46 MIS lots and I’m going for 40.
My questions are specifically for ZT as I’m about to start trading with ZT and also am a newcomer in trading. Please bear with me if I asked anything stupid and request you to explain me in detail.
Thank you!!

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