Comment on BTST/ATST( Buy/Acquire Today Sell tomorrow)

Vivek commented on 07 Jun 2015, 10:01 PM

Hi Nithin,

Am pursuing doubt in above topic. after few weeks…

When I convert my delivery trade to BTST, from your explanation above I gather that below event is also possible :

‘Person from whom stock is being transferred to me may not ‘deliver’ on T+2, in which event exchange arranges to allocate shares via auction’

I gave 2 scenarios which you clarified..Thanks.. Need help how below scenario gets handled?

Scenario (3):

Say I already hold 1000 shares of X company in my Demat a/c.
I buy 200 additional shares of same company say Monday
I sell 200 shares on Tuesday under BTST (will this be even available for sell in BTST as I already hold ?)
On T+2 , Wednesday, the person selling backs out..

A) In this case, since I already “hold” this stock, how will the adjustment happen in exchange?
Is the match happening against existing 1000 shares I have & I wont get penalised?
Or will it be specifically with 200 shares just bought & penalty is applied?

B) How Demat debit (or credit if involved) happens in above scenario ?

i) How best accounts be maintained for such transactions of trading where one both does both delivery based trading and also BTST? Does one get separate statements for delivery based and BTST?

Thanks Much,

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