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Shoaib commented on 11 Oct 2013, 05:11 AM

Role of an index: Role of an index primarily is to measure performance of the entire market or a sector. Popular index like Nifty helps measure the performance of the entire market on NSE whereas bank nifty helps measure performance of the banking sector. Sensex is a market index on the BSE.

Are there indices for commodity markets as well: Yes
Are they popular: No
Why not? :a. unlike equity markets where an index helps measure performance of a big group of stocks, in commodity markets, the number of active commodities trading is limited to under 20. b. There are futures and options on equity indices which are very popular trading tools, whereas we don’t have them on commodity markets.

How do you add an index/indices on ZT, explain in 3 steps?
CTRL+I short cut to get the INDICES dialog boxRight click and chose show indices select the required indices right click on the same and chose add to dialog bar

What is the difference between an index and indices?
Index is singular Indices is plural

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