Comment on Various Types of Accounts

shikharjaiswal commented on 04 Jun 2015, 02:15 AM

I thank you for your prompt response and assistance.

1) Please elaborate the fees charged by Zerodha. In terms of opening trading A/c fees and AMC fees for trading A/c and Demat A/c opening fees and its AMC charge.

2) What is the difference between Demat and DP charges or both are the same thing?

3) If I open only Equity Trading A/c will I be able to trade in ETF?

4) What are the AMC charged by Zerodha and IL&FS? Do I have to pay AMC for both Zerodha and IL&FS separately?

5) And also explain the charges charge by Zerodha and IL&FS.

6) Do you also charge for the stock SMS alert?

7) What is BSDA? what are the charges charge on BSDA?

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