Comment on EA's for auto buy/sell signals - Pi

Abhijeet commented on 03 Jun 2015, 09:36 PM

As currently there are 30 EAs on website and as you said that Zwerodha is planning to launch about 100 EA’s in next few days.

One suggestion here, Is it possible to suggest most popular or most used EA if user selects the particular stock for EA?

For eg.
Like if I select stock “tata steel” and for the same stock 100 people are using “Bearish Meeting Line (Short trades)” , 80 people are using “Three White Soldiers and Black Crows” and 50 people are using “Commodity Channel Index (CCI)” from past 7 days.

So while creating new EA on users side is it possible to list those EA as per their popularity / use for that particular stock (in above case “tata steel” )?

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