Comment on Various Types of Accounts

Nithin Kamath commented on 03 Jun 2015, 10:33 AM

1. You don’t need to close HDFC T&D account. If you open only Trading at Zerodha, you can buy shares through us, but these shares will get credited to your HDFC demat. While selling you will have to then do it through HDFC itself.

2. Open a T&D with Zerodha, you can transfer all the shares with HDFC to Zerodha demat. Once transferred you can do everything with us.

3. Yes, if you open T&D with us, you can do both buying and selling with us, and hence only our brokerage applies. If you open only trading account with us, you will buy with us so our brokerage, but you will sell using HDFC, so their brokerage.

4. The business is online today, and we have clients all across the country/world. So where you are is immaterial. You can transfer funds through the online payment gateway, withdraw funds online, trade on India’s best platforms, and all your queries are already answered online. If you still have any query, 080-40402020, we have a team of almost 200 in Bangalore for all kinds of support.

5. The account opening fees, and upfront AMC if you are opening a demat account. Check this:

6. Check this: all your queries are answered here.

7. All charges are here:, you can also use our brokerage calculator:

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