Comment on Various Types of Accounts

shikharjaiswal commented on 02 Jun 2015, 11:52 PM

I’m planning to switch to Zerodha from HDfC Securities but I have few questions and doubts.

1) I already have a Demat and trading A/c with Hdfc so if I open an A/c with Zerodha do I need to close my Demat and trading A/c from Hdfc? or Do I need to open only trading A/c with Zerodha.

2) I have few SBI share in Hdfc and if I open an A/c with Zerodha. whether my Hdfc portfolio will be transferred to Zerodha A/c or not?

3) Question related to brokerage charge.
Suppose I purchase 2 shares from hdfc of Rs577+ brokerage charge of Rs 18, so total 595Rs and after opening A/c from Zerodha, whose brokerage would be charge HDFC or Zerodha? I’m asking this because Hdfc brokerage is too high and after buying shares from Hdfc can I able to sell shares from zerodha in order to save brokerage charge on selling?

4) I suppose Zerodha office is situated in Bangalore and if I’m right then how do I open A/c with zerodha if I’m in Uttar Pradesh. How do I sell share, transfer funds, ask query? Do you have any broker in Lucknow or Gorakhpur?

5) What additional charge will incur if I already have demat and trading A/c and want to open with zerodha?

6) I own MacBook so do you have any trading software for Mac? and what are the trading platform of Zerodha?

7) Is there any other hidden charges apart from AMC and Brokerage charge?

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