Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

Pushp commented on 01 Jun 2015, 07:52 PM

Hi Nithin,

Very weird restriction i see in PI and in fact in all your interface.
I just have F&O account (No Cash Account). Hence I am unable to add any Cash scrip in my watch list. By the same logic I can not open historic chart of any scrip and perform technical analysis. Since Futures contracts are of only 1 month duration, I can at best see last one months chart history for current contract of the scrip (e.g. RELIANCE JUN 30 FUTURE). Even I can not backtest over horizon more than 1 month. Backtesting for short period of 1 month is useless exercise.

Using rule based alert is impossible.

Anyone trading in F&O would also generally follow the scrip in cash market and do just trade in F&O for various reasons. By not having access to cash price history, my utility of PI has just reduced to Zero.

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