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Harshit_Kumar commented on 30 May 2015, 01:30 PM

Hi Nithin,

I would be a single person on this forum who feels that the much hyped PI is not offering anything as such which can be said that it’s ahead of the technology. I am a simple trader who uses basic functionality like sell and buy button after seeing the chart. I believe that trading is not a pure science and cannot be coded in an EA/algorithms, it requires a human brain to analyse the greed and fear factor behind a trade. If it was not the case then Bill Gates would have been the most successful trader who could have coded a software for him which would auto trade for him.

I expect a system to help me in expediting my trading process by asking/filling minimum fields. But PI has no way where I can save my preferences! Every time I have to set it according to my preference first day in the morning, then while executing a trade, I have to fill the quantity along with price, which I think is a basic requirement in a trader terminal.

Talking about chart, I am still to explore as what is great in the chart as I find traderscockpit chart more intuitive than PI. On hovering over chart I cannot see any details, Every time I have to click on the chart to know the details. Whatever time period you select it, you will see limited days information only (no older historical data). May be you might have loaded with tones of indicator but that is of no use to me (also I guess to a profitable trader) as I only use volume with candlestick.
After using 2-3 months I am back on NEST trader where at least I get some basics what I need.

May be I need to learn more to use it properly, but seriously speaking it should be a tool to let you help in your real trade not for playing with loads of worthless indicators and technical jargons/EA.

Please don’t take it otherwise but it need to do lot more before you start calling it next generation trading terminal.


Harshit Kumar

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