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ANKIT THAKKER commented on 30 May 2015, 10:45 AM

Thank You Nitin …

Another Question though i have not used Bracket Orders Yet bt 1 Q in my mind Does the Target n Stoploss Remain for the Day or Until Expiry?? Supoose the Order is Exicuted n the Target n Stoploss both Does Come on Dat day sooo is the Order Live or will Continue?? Or Its Just for Intraday only?? M Asking For Options Only??

N is their Any way where i can set the target n Stoploss Order for the entire Expiry not for Just that Day?/

Supoose i bought x Share for rs 1.55 1000 Quantity

Now i want to set the Target of rs 3 & Stoploss of rs 1 whichever comes First Throught the Expiry…?? Is their any way?

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