Comment on Intraday stock trader par excellence

NPANT commented on 06 Oct 2013, 08:11 AM

GBharadwaj, Thanks for your prompt response! Thanks for guiding on a very crucial aspect! Just one more query related to an important scenario I missed : 1000-991-1002-998-1050 (Exit : ). Would it be reasonable to assume that once you are -9 down (90% of SL limit), getting out at BEP is also good enough?

And also once one has exited at 1000, I assume one shouldn’t sulk seeing the same stock going to 1050 in next few minutes (but I do sulk since I find difficult to re-enter, say, even at 1010. Re-entry is also an issue I face and am working on it. I understand that would not be possible for you to teach over comments-forum.

Best regards, nitin

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