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ANKIT THAKKER commented on 26 May 2015, 11:41 AM

Hey Nitin i Recntly Opened Account in Zerodha I Have Questions how much Stamp charges are Calculated measn yesterday i traded SBIN ce of 1250x.45 = 562.5 & Sold at .3 x1250 = 375 Total Turnover is 937.5 now Stamp Duty Charges in Gujrat shows .002% n in my contract note it showed that 1 rs is charged as stamp duty soo i want too how did dis 1 rs came on whch amount n what %

My Second Question is what is the brokerage charges for Penny Stocks means for ex if they are under 1 rs or .50 paise is their any special brokerage charge of normal 20 rs per trade ??? plss let me no


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