Comment on Trading from the charts - Pi

Nithin Kamath commented on 25 May 2015, 10:38 PM

Calic, I have explained here on why charts might differ from one platform to another. Check this out.
Currently we are plotting the daily charts by using all the 1 min candles we get during the day. We will very soon start using the NSE Bhavcopy for this, like most other platforms. So daily candles will start matching exactly, but intraday charts it is very tough to find any two platforms match exactly. Some chart platforms plot candles from 0 to 59 secs as 1 min, others use 1 to 60 secs, and many other things like this which might make the charts look differently other than the reasons mentioned on the link above. We have tried to match pi to esignal by as much as possible in terms of these rules. esignal is probably the best charting platform in India in terms of quality of data.

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